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PROM 2013
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Nick and Stacey

It was a far drive from our home base, but that didn't stop us from capturing Nick & Stacey's awesome wedding in Sarnia, Ontario. We could have started that sentence out by typing, "It was a cold and windy morning..." Because to be honest, that was the absolute windiest wedding we have ever attended. Not to mention being on the lakefront at Bogart's Inn, this did not make the day any less windier. But none the less, it was a beautiful wedding and we enjoyed spending the day with Nick & Stacey and their awesome family. Hearing about how Nick and Stacey met was absolutely hilarious; it's one of those thing's you'd have to be there to appreciate.

Joyette and Chad

Description when im not lazy and have time to write

Jozef and Mariola

We were invited to film Mariola and Jozefs wedding in July 2014 at the Elm Hurst Inn and Spa, Ingersoll Ontario. This was our first time ever attending a Polish wedding and we absolutely loved it. The atmosphere and culture of Mariola and Jozef's wedding was bright, fun and you definitely could tell these people loved having a good time. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and by far we must say the Elm Hurst Inn is probably our favourite place in Ontario to film weddings at (until of course we find another place that is just as beautiful.) We loved filming this wedding in particular because this couple displayed such an abundancy of love for one another and the both of us couldn't help ourselves by saying "Awww" every ten seconds when reviewing the footage after getting back to our apartment. This whole family was a pleasure to work with, and we met some very nice people including the band (Peter's Music Company) as well as Sonia, the hired photographer for the night (she can be found here). We are both very glad we had the opportunity to capture the essence of Mariola and Jozef's wedding and hope they remain happy and in love for the rest of their lives.

Niagara Falls

Websters Falls Ontario

We never knew you could find something so nice in Ontario.

Live Dance Performance

After being informed that Marlene's event videographer bailed three days before this event, we couldn't help but say yes to her request of us filling in for her. It was our first time filming a live dance performance but we loved every minute of it regardless. We had goosebumps almost the entire time - these people can seriously dance! This sample video was only a snippet taken from the 3 and a half hour long video, so you can imagine what other amazing things went down in the rest of the performance. During the show, we also had an opportunity to film a dance performed by a cast member of The Next Step. It was really a lot of fun.

Lee C. - Coming Soon

So we got emailed by this dude who wanted a music video for his song. Cool, we thought, and after he sent us a preview of the song he wanted the video to, we were honestly so excited because we finally had some music that fit with our personal music taste. Like a Dallas Green meets Imagine Dragons meets whatever other indie alternative artist we have stored away in our itunes library. The music video was totally unplanned; it had no concept other than the word "simple." Because Mr. Lee here is a simple guy. We concluded that when we met up with him on the day of shooting. Simple, genuine and of course artistic. Lee doesn't only make music, but he's a pretty bad a$$ photographer as well. So we got down to shooting and experimented a little with our surroundings. If you are wondering about the pictures, that ties in to what we mean by "experimenting." Brianne was struck with the idea to climb a tree and toss leaves down onto Lee while he played to achieve a cinematic, heartthrobbing look. Unfortunately, her leaf tossing skills are horrible and ended up making Lee laugh at her failure instead. In the end, we had to choose between two variations of the video. The first was way too boring and simple. It needed a little spice, so we chose the second version. The color correcting and editing bit was the most painstaking as it took us a total of four times to find the right look for the video. We wanted to embody Lee in the final product, and this is what he had to say about it: "Ahhh so amazing man. Loooove it. Thank you guys so much. You guys did such a fantastic job. Love every second of it. Simple and perfect. Couldn't be more grateful. That ending effect.... So perfect man. Love it!!!"

Prom 2013


Both of us love weddings as much as we love to film them! There is nothing more special to us than capturing every candid laugh, smile, and sentence at a perfectly crafted wedding and turning them into memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.


If you have an event coming up and are considering the help from a couple of videographers, we do that kind of stuff too. Birthdays, baby showers, fundraisers- we would be happy to help you out whatever your event may be.


Have a different idea in mind that was not listed? Let us know what you're looking for and we will be happy to assist you with whatever you have in mind!


We have pretty reasonable rates. Contact us with full details of your inquiry- who, what, when, where, and why - and we will be more than happy to send you a quote. (We don't bite).

  • “You were both very professional, I didn't even remember that I was being filmed.”

    Joyette C.
  • “On short notice of our event I contacted KBMotion to see if they were available to video a family birthday party. They responded quickly and professionally and were a pleasure to have around, and although they got great footage, they did not cause a disturbance to the events. The final product was excellent. They delivered exactly what I was expecting and what they promised. I would recommend KBMotion for any of your video needs.”

    Rocco R.
  • "KBmotion performed an outstanding and professional service capturing our wedding and reception. It was a rainy day but the video captured and editing exceeded our expectations. Michael and Brianne are very creative and talented, so we have been fortunate to have them on our special day."

    Jozef & Mariola O.
  • “You did a great job! I really like it. I would definitely use you guys again. It’s perfect!”

    Tracey P.
  • “Just watched it!!!! We love it!!!!!! So amazing! You guys did a fantastic job! Thank you!”

    Stacey S.
  • “Hey I just wanted to thank you so much! The video is amazing. I appreciate all the extra effort put in. I'm positive she will laugh and cry.”

    Tina M.
  • “Your work is very impressive, thanks a bunch for filming the show.”

    Mary C.

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Michael and Brianne took up their interest in filming during their senior year of highschool. After a short, unsatisfying stay at College, the both of them set off on their own to pursue their dreams and soon began business in the film industry. Determined to make it big in the world of "Hollywood", Michael and Brianne began crafting wedding and event films for people just like you who are looking to capture those special moments to keep for a lifetime ahead. This duo of professional filmmakers take pride in crafting beautiful, original wedding films, event videos, and anything in between, and are both determined to make you sit back in comfort and say "I'm glad I chose them as my videographers."

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